Responding to a Lead

If you would like to respond to a lead, please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your WeddingWire account
  • Click 'Leads' on the gray navigation bar
  • Click the name of the client who submitted a lead you wish to respond to 
  • Under 'Reply', you can customize your response to this client
  • Next to 'Subject', you can edit or replace the existing subject
  • Next to 'Message', you can enter the content of your email to this client
  • If you would like to add an attachment to your message, you can do so by clicking 'Choose File' next to 'Attach files'
  • If you would like to save this message as a template, make sure to select the box next to 'Save this message as a template to use for other similar messages.'
  • Click 'Send'