Dispute a Review

If you believe a review violates WeddingWire's Terms of Use in any way, we encourage you to Report the review to bring it to our attention. If the review does in fact violate our Terms of Use, we will remove the review from our site. However, if the review does not violate our Terms of Use, the review will remain live on our platform. 

To report a review, please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your WeddingWire account
  • Click 'Reviews' on the gray navigation bar
  • Click 'Reviews' on the left rail
  • Click 'Dispute' under the review you want to report
  • List your reason for disputing the review (reasons a review can be disputed are below)
  • Click 'Send'

Reasons to Dispute a Review:

  • I never conducted business with this person
  • Contains profane, vulgar, racist, or adult material
  • A court ruling has been issued to remove this review
  • Contains personally identifiable information such as full names, date of birth, personal address, email addresses, etc.
  • Is incorrectly tagged with the wrong type of event
  • Duplicate of another review