Review Verification FAQ

Below are a few frequently asked questions about WeddingWire's review Reporting process.

What is your review policy?
Per our Terms of Use, an individual leaving a review must have conducted business with the vendor they post feedback for. Regardless if services are terminated prior to the event date, if business interactions took place then that client will still be permitted to post a review.

WeddingWire does not allow reviews to be posted by guests at an event, employees of a vendor, other vendors at an event, competitors of a business, etc. However, if a review is posted by an individual who was a legitimate client, then their feedback is permitted - whether negative, positive, or neutral.

Does WeddingWire verify the content of reviews posted on the site?
No. WeddingWire does not make judgments on the veracity of opinions or statements made in a review. Reviews are the sole opinion of the author and content is neither confirmed nor proven incorrect by WeddingWire.

WeddingWire will ONLY confirm that the review was posted by an individual who conducted business with that vendor. We will not remove a review if the vendor and the client disagree on the course of events that took place, since this can be addressed within a client's review and the vendor's reply to the review.

How do I bring a review I believe violates your review policy for another vendor to your attention?
Please report the content to us that is violating our Terms of Use so we can further investigate by emailing It is important for the WeddingWire community to work together to help maintain the high quality and integrity of the reviews on this site!

How do I formally dispute a review my business received from my storefront?
If you believe a review violates our Terms of Use, you can Report the review. To quickly flag a review to WeddingWire's attention, it is best to officially Report the review through your vendor account under the 'Reviews' section. 

What does the verification process entail?
To verify a review, WeddingWire must receive either a signed contract or a proof of payment directly from the reviewer confirming they were a legitimate client of the vendor they submitted feedback for.

When a vendor disputes a review from their account, that review is temporarily inactivated from the vendor's storefront. The WeddingWire Dispute Team will look into the dispute case and reach out to the reviewer to verify the review, OR if the review clearly violates our Terms of Use, the review will be immediately inactivated.

What proof do you ask for from a reviewer?
When the WeddingWire Dispute Team reaches out to a reviewer, they ask for EITHER a binding contract with both parties signatures OR a proof of payment. This is the only documentation the Dispute Team will accept.

How long does a reviewer have to send in the appropriate documentation?
A reviewer technically has 60 days to send in the appropriate documentation to verify their review. However, to try to make the dispute process faster, the WeddingWire Dispute Team initially closes out disputes after 7 days. Please note that if a reviewer sends in the appropriate documentation after the initial 7 days but before the 60 day span, then their review can still be verified and reinstated.

Can you share the reviewer's information they sent to you?
No, we cannot. Due to our strict privacy policy, we cannot disclose any of the reviewer's information, as it is not our information to share.

Why did you allow this review to be published?
Please remember, only the reviewer is responsible for any opinions or content they post on our platform. WeddingWire does not act as a publisher and has not "published" the content posted by reviewers. If you have any issues with the content or statements the individual published within their review, you will need to address that with the reviewer directly.

What can I do if a review is reinstated?
Nobody enjoys getting a negative review, so we recommend reaching out to the customer directly to discuss how expectations were not met and how to best resolve any outstanding issues. Reviewers have the ability to update or edit their review at any time, and this happens more frequently than you might expect!

Or, if this customer does not want to resolve their issues, then your best course of action would be to post a response to the review. Formulate an empathetic, professional response that directly addresses any of the customer's concerns. Remember, responses are not only a direct response to the customer who posted the review, but more importantly content that future potential clients might read - so make sure it is professional and polite!